Whalley Bells: Peals

A peal consists of more than 5,040 changes where each bell strikes once in each change and contains no repetition within the maximum number of combinations possible for the number of ringing bells (otherwise it is said to be "false").  Methods such as Cambridge Surprise Major (see image) are rung and the number of changes are extended using "calls" to give the 5040 or more non-repetitive changes required to be classed as a peal.

An average time for a peal on our bells is about 3 hours 10 minutes and since 1924, 51 peals have been rung on the bells, plus one in 1925 which was found to be false.  These are listed here from 1925 to 2022 and we are grateful to Canon Felstead who for many years kept meticulous records of all peals rung everywhere. Also to those who are continuing his work, and to Mr Ian Smith of Blackburn Cathedral for specific details of the peals rung.